May the Fourth Be With You

Born in the '70s, I grew up watching Star Wars and loved CP3-O. As a kid, I loved him because... well, he was gold and shiny! I even chose to be him for Halloween one year. Those were the days before captioning existed. After watching the films again with captioning, I had no idea that he was a by-the-book and anxious character. 
Here's me with my mom, brother and the best dog in the world, Mimi. 
Naturally, I've jumped the bandwagon in watching The Mandalorian. Sure did bring me back to the excitement I had growing up watching the movies. My baby sister told me I should draw Star Wars when I was doodling - looking for inspiration. Baby Yoda (yes I know his real name is Grogu but honestly, Baby Yoda sounds cuter.) and Stormtroopers are my favorites to draw. My excitement got to the next level that I ended up getting them on stickers and keychains. Along with prints. All for you. 
I know the Biden-Harris photo was kind of random in this collection but at the same time, it was fitting. If they were characters in the Star Wars universe, they'd hold the Force in them. Even be trained Jedis. I could see it. Could you? 
Those prints, stickers and keychains will be available on May 4th until they are sold out. Don't forget to follow me at @moeartdesigns on Instagram and Facebook. 
May the Fourth be with you.