Valentine's Day is around the corner!

Remembering John Ritter.

Remember Jack Tripper from The Three’s Company? Oh my god. I remember him so clearly when I was a little girl. I remember how John Ritter changed my life. 1. Watching my first closed captioning TV show so I could understand what was being said on the show. 2. He was the first actor who made me laugh. 3. A special privilege given by parents for me to go bed late on Tuesdays during a school week after 9:30!

When I was a Middle School student at New Jersey School for the Deaf, aka Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf, my teacher told us that we were going on a field trip to visit a newspaper company. At the ending of the trip, the newspaper comapny asked us a question to answer so they could use us for their “Weekly People Poll” on their newspaper. The question was:

“If you could have a lunch with any famous person (alive or dead), who would it be and why?”

My classmates picked famous people like President Ronald Reagan, Babe Ruth…

Guess who I picked?